Concept Development

MODE Architectural can coordinate or participate in charettes and blue sky sessions to develop ideas and approaches for video and interactive features in architectural installations.  Our designers have honed their talents in rapid ideation and can contribute to the creative weather of an amazing brainstorm.

Design Development

MODE Architectural can take creative concepts and create design documents, draftings, equipment specifications, facilities impact studies, content storyboarding, and interactive code outlines.

Prototyping and Mock Up

MODE Architectural is committed to the value of scaled mock-ups, prototyping, and pre-visualization.  We can help to coordinate and realize the gathering of real world gear and expertise to prove concepts before they are released in the real world.

Creative Video Content Production

MODE Architectural has deep experience in creating immersive, compelling, beautiful video content.  We've written, directed, shot, animated, composited, and crafted gorgeous pixels for clients like Disney, General Motors, Nordstrom, Nokia, Activision, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Microsoft.  MODE has been at the forefront of innovating content creation for use in projection mapping, huge multi display arrays, and highly unusual arrangements of media devices

Bespoke Interactive Code Development

MODE Architectural has incredibly talented coding teams who can create the custom engines required to make compelling, artistic, branded, robust interactive experiences.  Whether through sensor feedback, augmented reality, camera tracking, or any of a myriad approaches, our team can breath life into space, engaging and astonishing the people who inhabit them.

Onsite Coordination and Supervision

MODE architectural provides guidance and support in the integration and installation phase.  Often, video and interactive installations place unusual and unique demands on general and sub contractors.  Integration requires various trade expertise and know how that we can connect the client with.  By serving as a central hub for the collective effort, MODE Architectural makes sure that the Design that shows up, is the Design that was drawn.

Ongoing Curation and Development

MODE Architectural delivers installations that are malleable, and changeable.  We can work with you to make sure that an installations stays fresh, surprising, and entirely functional.