MODE Architectural worked with Nokia to develop interactive lighting and media features for Nokia's flagship stores worldwide

In collaboration with Jack Morton Worldwide, MODE first designed interactive lighting and media features for a prototype pop-up store.  Developing custom code, MODE created a series of games and art pieces which patrons interacted with using Nokia devices.  Combined with pixel mapped lighting, and a robust interconnected control solution, the entire atmosphere and look of the store worked hand in hand with the interactivity. 

The pop-up store proved so successful, that Nokia elected to use it as the template for flagship stores in New York, Tokyo, London, and Sao Paulo.  MODE participated in creative concept and design development phases to translate their work into a viable permanent installation for the stores.  Critical to this effort was creating a system that was open and extensible, allowing Nokia to invite prominent artists to create custom experiences within the stores.

The simple, elegant design utilized multiple monitors as an extended, unified canvas, engaging patrons and allowing them to interact and affect their environment.  MODE helped to establish criteria for ongoing curation of the store experiences, and created a content framework and template that allowed artists and Nokia customers to constantly participate and update the stores.