Nordstrom Light Weave Installations

Luxury retailer Nordstrom commissioned MODE Architectural to design volumetric light sculptures that could be deployed in their flagships store escalator cores.  MODE Architectural Principal Designer Bob Bonniol worked with Co-Designer Abbey Rosen Holmes and with the architectural firm Callison on the design and implementation of an elegant LED Light Weave installation to be installed in the Vancouver, Chicago, and Toronto flagships.

The Light Weave is comprised of breathtakingly light weight custom copper strands which drop from 40’ to 60' from the ceiling.  Individually controlled custom LED nodes are placed in a regular grid allowing for a dimensional and volumetric display of programmed patterns.

Abbey and Bob created a suite of evolving and varied programming which evolves with time of day to reflect the energy levels of the store environment.  Specialty programming was also created for holidays and special events.

Our lovely friends at Nordstrom made a great video of the opening in Toronto !  Watch for the sparkle added by MODE