GM World


Design and delivery of an immersive & interactive permanent experiential installation at general motor's global headquarters

MODE Architectural Principal Partner Bob Bonniol, served as Creative Director for interactive and media driven features in this stunning new experiential space at the heart of General Motor's Global Headquarters at the Renaissance Center in Detroit.  MODE Architectural collaborated with supervising agency EWI, and architects Neumann/Smith to design and develop the installation.


GM leadership mandated the space morph it’s identity through ambitious themed content experiences; the opening of the space corresponded with the celebration of Chevrolet’s 100 Years of Trucks.  With this as a core theme, the objectives were to combine epic cinematic sequences, custom brand pillar experiences, as well as adding the immersive assets created for auto shows for GM and its Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC product families.


As media content Creative Director and Producer, Bonniol worked with his frequent collaborators at The Antfarm, melding original live-action production with animated content, all of which was mastered to resolutions exceeding 28k, spanning seventeen LED screens. “One of my very favorite things about working with the team at GM is their consistent willingness to push creative limits” says Bonniol. In addition to the brand pillar content, eight spectacular themed productions were brought to life, taking over the entire space in with vision and atmosphere. Examples include the Rube Goldberg-inspired “Rube,” a glorious, peaceful immersion into an old growth “Forest,” and “Crankshaft,” a sophisticated, cinematic vignette transforming a giant engine into a heartbeat of action at a massive scale.


As a next step, Bonniol and his colleagues addressed the challenge of managing a vast array of premium content in an intelligent way.  The team channeled GM’s attention to innovation, in creating new software to deliver performances that are deftly curated by machine learning, while also providing far-reaching programming capabilities for human curators. For instance, on any given day, a curator might choose to exclusively showcase the Chevrolet brand, with an emphasis on trucks and common activities for truck owners. Spearheaded by Bonniol together with Antfarm’s Rob Troy, the aforementioned Interactive Content Engine – by definition, an Expert System employing artificial intelligence – is their bespoke solution