MODE Architectural was retained by Xi Development Corp and Optotech to design the video system and inaugural content for the SKyscreen at The Place in the CBD of Beijing.

MODE worked with Optotech to devise a custom display that would have stunning resolution, and be completely durable in the outdoor environment of Beijing.  The finished roof screen was in excess of eight hundred feet in length, one hundred and ten feet wide, and was mounted at a height of eighty feet above the street.

MODE also designed and specified a bespoke playback and control system to fully utilize the screen's massive native resolution.  Additionally, MODE created content templates and a content input protocol to be used by incoming artists and agencies to create content for the screen.

MODE created the ten minute inaugural content suite, titled Power Up, for the screen's debut for the 2008 Summer Olympics.  MODE also consulted with Crystal Graphics of China to assist them in the creation of ongoing media for the Olympics and beyond.