MODE Architectural Principal Designers Bob Bonniol and Pablo Molina were commissioned by LMN Architecture and Developer Trammell-Crow to create a unique interactive installation in the atrium of the new 929 Salesforce Building in downtown Bellevue Washington.

Atriums are intersections.  They are meeting places.  They are a crossroads.  In the tradition of ancient cartographers use of Ley Lines to indicate routes and intersections of navigation, the Ley Lines install creates a visual form that suggests geometric 'crossroads' as well as an interactive experience that engages all who visit the space.

Bonniol and Molina utilized off the shelf LED lighting products which were then housed in custom extrusions and installed by 4Wall Lighting.  The bespoke interactive control system designed by MODE used sensing technology developed for use on Google's autonomous vehicles to track individual movements through the three dimensional space of the lobby in real time, and cause visually compelling effects to 'travel' through the installation simultaneously.  The system also utilizes weather and traffic data to create varied daily generated base content.

Because weather, traffic, and the numbers and motions of visitors changes daily, the installation is entirely unique in it's appearance each day.  Additionally, an exterior sensor allows passers by to gesturally create experiences on the installation, literally 'painting with light'.

The installation is remarkable when viewed at a distance... Close up, the fine workmanship of fabrication and installation creates an entirely different sculptural experience.